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La Tonna's s many accomplishments include:

  • Owning a successful Online Custom T-Shirt Business
  • Training hundreds of individuals to screen print & start successful
    home and retail businesses  
  • She is the creator of  "Ms. Tee's T-Shirt Calculator " A simple Quoting
    and Invoicing Software plugin to Microsoft Excel for T-Shirt Printers.
  • She is currently working on a several software projects for the screen
    printing industry.

In 2008, after noticing that she was getting approached regularly by
individuals wanting to learn the t-shirt business and asking her to offer
screen printing workshops, she began to give careful thought to what she
could offer the industry. She remembered how difficult it was to teach
herself how to screen print. LaTonna thought of the many time consuming
mistakes she had made teaching herself the business, and how much
money she could have saved if she would have had a screen printing
consultant to help her out when she first started .
La Tonna thought "Of course you can go to a company that sells
equipment, they will be happy to sell the most expensive printer they have
and they will even show a person how to work the thing. A quick 15 minute
demo showing how easy it is to print on their machine. Yea, right..." she
thought "What will they learn? Ummm - Basically nothing other they spent
to much money for the equipment and they can't even use it.
Not only do they not know how to print, they won't be able coat a screen
and if they can figure out how to coat the a screen, would they know how
to burn the image on it -and if they do, how many times will it take to get it
right. How many times did it take me" her mind wondered, Then it finally hit
her and  she could see herself wearing a Superwoman cape and saving  
the Day!!! La Tonna decided to not only teach people how to print, but
offer them graphics training and to show people how to get in the business
for pennies.
As your screen printing consultant, La Tonna can cut the cost of starting a
Screen Printing Business by more than half... She will show you how to
take a minimal investment  
and turn it into a money making machine that offers extremely high profits.

You can start a profitable t-shirt business with an investment
as little as $500
and get a return on your investment on your very first job!!!!

TIP: Don't buy Equipment or Supplies until you have taken the Class    
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