Can I view my Design Before It is Printed?  Yes

Tha t-Shirt Shop will email you a proof of your design prior to it being printed.
If we are creating a custom design for you, you will receive an t-shirt mock up with
variations of your design. You will choose a design you like and then email us your
approval to print. Tha T-Shirt Shop will not print your design until we have
APPROVAL. You can rest assured that when you receive your order , it will be the
design that is on the proof.
Your design mock up will resemble the image below:

When Possible your mock-up will be emailed to you in the print colors, that will be
printed on the shirts. If you provide your own artwork, you may not receive a color
NOTE: We do not create mock-ups for rush orders or orders less than 24 pcs, you
will need to provide your own art.

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Can I view my design before it is printed?
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