Tha T-Shirt Shop offers 2 forms of printing for you to choose from.

Our most used form of printing is a process called
Screen Printing.

Screen Printing is the oldest and still best way of printing your custom t-shirts. Screen printing is
created by burning an image into a mesh screen and then forcing wet ink through the screen to
create a design or image on the t-shirts. For this method, you will need a screen for each color in
your design. Screen printing is a very intense process and can be costly when purchasing in small
quantities , but it is well worth the money spent to have a one of a kind, or an original design  that
will last as long as the shirt.  

Its best to use screen printing for bulk orders and when printing on colored shirts, the ink sits on to
of the shirt and gives a brighter and more vibrant color than digital transfer printing.

Our 2nd form of printing Is
Digital Printing. There are many types of digital printing. Digital
Printing is any form of printing that is printed from a computer. Tha T-Shirt Shop uses a
combination of High Quality Commercial Grade Heat Transfers, Vinyl and Screen Printed
Transfers. Your Prints are printed with fade resistant inks and are then applied to your t-shirts
using our Commercial Heat Presses. Once the Inks are transferred to the shirt, there is a near
permanent bond created. This form of printing is great for creating fades and life-like images. It is
best to print this type of printing on white shirts, because there is a transparent polymer  that
transfers onto the shirts. This leaves a slight rough feel to the shirt in the printed area. The polymer
is not visible on white shirts, but can be seen on most light colored shirts. This translucent polymer
is fade from the shirt with washing and after a few washes your shirts will regain , it's softness.
Some customers find the polymer left on the shirt annoying and don't wish to wash the shirts prior
to wearing. In this case we recommend that your printing is done on white t-shirts. Otherwise, get
a sample t-shirt printed prior to purchasing in bulk. Another reason we do not recommend printing
digital prints on colored shirts is due to the fact that the inks are transparent and may fade into the
shirt color. This could change the color of the ink printed. Anywhere in your design that has white
will change to the color of the shirts.

While we do have plenty of customers who order this type of printing for light colored shirts and
have awesome results, we ask that if you have never ordered digital prints get a sample prior to
ordering in bulk. We can not offer refunds on shirts once they are printed.

All prices are in USD. Copyright 2013 Tha T-Shirt Shop .
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Just 4.5 Miles from Downtown Dallas, Texas